Men’s State League


The Men’s State League’s are divided into ability as follows:

  • MSL1 is our most competitive and team with the greatest ability
  • MSL2 is for intermediate – advance players who are looking to get into MSL1
  • MSL3 is for intermediate players and older players looking for more of a sociable game
  • MSL5 is for beginner players and those who want to play socially

Junior Men (U/16 and U/18) also play in this League on Wednesday Nights and are permitted to play in a State League Team as well as their age group team(s).

Details can be found on the Juniors Page (click here).


All games are played on Wednesday and Thursday nights at either MSAC or Melbourne High indoor and outdoor pools.

There are two major seasons of competition; the Winter Season (April – June/July) and the Summer Season/State Championships (July/August – Late November/Early December).

The WPV Winter 2013 Competition begins on the 16th of April 2013 and goes for 9 weeks plus finals.


New Members:

Please go to the New Members Page (click here) for information on how to get involved. Please make sure that you inform the registrar of your preference to which team you would like to play in.


Past Members:

Please contact your old Teams Manager and speak to them so that they can put you in a team.

Team Team Manager Contact Email
MSL1 Alistair Morrison
MSL2 Warren Curnow
MSL3 Glen Piper
MSL5 (Sixers) Mark Globan
 MSL5 Alex Ricardo

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